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We control many aspects of our lives through our smartphones; such as our calendars, communication with friends and our work emails – and now we can even monitor our CCTV footage through downloadable apps.

Here at CCTV Monitoring we offer a service of 24 hour surveillance of your site so that you don’t have to worry about keeping a constant watch on what is happening. However, there are many benefits to being able to access your CCTV footage wherever and whenever, which is why we also offer our customers CCTV Monitoring software for their mobile devices.

The advantages to monitoring your CCTV from your smartphone are vast. For instance you are able to keep a watchful eye on your site wherever and whenever you like, giving you peace of mind that all is running smoothly. Having instant access to your CCTV footage simply by clicking onto the app on your mobile means that your footage is available to you any hour of the day; this is incredibly convenient if you want to have a quick check on goings-on outside of working hours.

Having the ability to look at your CCTV footage wherever you are also gives you the freedom to monitor your site from anywhere; even halfway around the world. Whereas before you had to be on site, and in the room that the monitoring screens were kept to look at what was being filmed, now it is possible to check your footage from anywhere on site – or even from the comfort of your own home.

Construction sites in Beijing guomao

The cutting edge software that we offer at CCTV Monitoring makes it easy for you to view your footage. Our state-of-the-art app allows you to watch live images and play-back old footage; meaning you can review the happenings of the day or take a look at what is going on in real-time, giving you complete control. Our app also comes with pinch and zoom functionality, allowing you to get a closer and clearer look at the action.

Having instant access to your CCTV footage at your fingertips provides you with peace of mind, and an added level of control that is entirely convenient for you and your schedule. To learn more about the app or how we could help you contact us on (01924) 849 319 or email

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