Our very own in house control room is fully equipped to provide a first class service.  Our operators are trained to react to all incidents that may occur when an intruder is detected. Reports are transparent, sent out at the time of the occurrence displaying each incident’s date, time and a full sequence of events.

Our Service

When one of our IP CCTV systems is coupled with our highly tailored remote monitoring service, we can provide the peace of mind you need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using our advanced Artificial Intelligence, our cameras can differentiate between human and vehicle, and filter down unwanted false alarms due to weather and other factors. At the very heart of our service is the award-winning Immix video alarm receiving platform, which allows rapid response to incidents within moments of their occurrence.

Mobile App Monitoring

Using our mobile app, you can connect to your site from anywhere in the world. All you need is our app and a web connection. Once installed, use the app to connect to your site and view real-time images from your site cameras. You can access recorded images via our remote playback option and the app supports pinch and zoom facilities – providing you with exceptional levels of remote connectivity.

To download the app, click the relevant link below:

iPhone / iPad   |     Android

Rapid Response

If there is an intruder detected on your site, an alert is displayed, and our staff in the control room are able to respond to the incident in real time, rapidly and effectively. Combining our CCTV systems with the industry leading Immix software system offers a full audit trail of alarms. The location of the intruder can be pinpointed and the necessary emergency services deployed, preventing any damage or loss to your business.

Time Lapse

Our Time Lapse service provides a visual record of your project progression. We can provide start to finish visuals no matter the length of the project. We use high definition cameras to gather images from your site which you can access via your own password protected webpage. This features live images and regularly updated videos. We can also produce a high quality DVD at the end of your project, featuring a full Time Lapse video complete with branding, a soundtrack and title slide.


Utilising state-of-the-art drone technology, we work closely with you to capture and document your site, from foundation to completion. Each flight provides ample chance to shoot dynamic footage to put your build, your brand, your work at the forefront.

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