Your CCTV system has been designed to protect your site and promote peace of mind. In order to maintain its effectivity, we offer a four stage servicing and aftercare solution designed to minimise disruption and ensure that your system receives the care it deserves.

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We will carry out regular and comprehensive assessments of the overall condition of your CCTV equipment. Initially carried out remotely by our technicians, we will carry out an Electronic System Health Check to ensure that all cameras, detectors and alarms are working correctly and that all associated systems (lighting and audio facilities etc.), are checked and defect free.


If during our Electronic System Health Check we find that your CCTV system requires attention, or that you report a failure to us (e.g.: you accidentally damage a camera or you cut through essential system wiring) we will to arrange to send an engineer to your site to rectify the fault, so you can be sure that your system continues to protect your site as designed.

Equipment Maintenance

As your site develops it can cause difficulties with the CCTV equipment – e.g. new buildings can block camera views or detection ranges. Our aftercare service keeps a close eye on your site to ensure your security equipment is always in the correct location to keep your site secure.


Whatever the size of your CCTV system, we will work closely with you to ensure that it is kept in a fully serviceable condition, allowing you to benefit from the peace of mind it delivers for many weeks, months and years to come. To do this, we use a combination of our Electronic System Health Checks supported where necessary by physical site visits by our engineers. This combination of electronic support and engineering expertise assures you that your system is maintained to exacting and rigorous standards at all times.

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