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Here at CCTV Monitoring we operate using our unique 6 step process to ensure that your site remains safe and secure 24/7. Using this process, we are proud to say that we have (to date) protected 3000+ sites, prevented 26,028+ crimes, saved £240m+ in crime cost and protected £10.9Bn+ worth of assets. We explain our 6-step process below.

Step One – Intruder Enters Site

Our high definition cameras monitor your site 24 hours a day, every day, keeping a watchful eye out for any suspicious activity.

Step Two – Detection Triggers / Alarms

If an intruder enters your site a passive infrared detector is activated. An alarm is then triggered which is sent directly to our expert team in our control room. The team can view a real time video stream from your site allowing them to assess the threat.

Step Three – Control Room Analysis

The operator opens the alarm and analyses the footage. By reviewing the footage we can see whether the threat is real, or if you’ve had a false alarm. This is a crucial step to avoid unnecessary panic and wasted time on going to check on your site yourself.

Step Four – Audio Warning Issued

A live audio warning is issued immediately upon the detection of a threat. Often an intruder is not expecting that there are already eyes on them and will leave rapidly. We have found this incredibly effective in eliminating a threat swiftly.

Step Five – Intruder Tracked on Screen

The intruder is tracked by one of our monitoring operatives as we await a response from the police, or one of our uniformed partners.

Step Six – Security Respond to the Threat

The site is checked by the uniformed response. If there is an intruder still present, they will be detained and removed. The site is then secured before leaving.

Our 6-step process is just one aspect of the CCTV Monitoring service that makes us so successful. Our 24/7 control room, expert consultation and installation, and our servicing facilities are also vital to ensuring that we give you the best service possible.

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