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Get Your Site Summer Ready: Reviewing Your Construction Site Security for the Summer Months

Summer is truly upon us, bringing along with it the best weather, and the best construction season of the year. Your busy site will be full of workers, materials and expensive equipment. Not only is summer the best time of year for your construction site; it’s an intruder’s favourite too.

The hotter weather also brings along with it changes in the environment that may affect your site security. For example, the change in season means growth in trees and plants that may obstruct camera views, either without you noticing or leaving you unable to change the angle of your cameras.

CCTV Monitoring ensure you’re protected from environmental changes that are out of your control during the summer season through our combination of monitoring and servicing the cameras that you have in place.

Make sure that you have taken steps to protect your sites security with CCTV Monitoring. Our 4-step process of consultation, installation, monitoring and servicing ensures season to season peace of mind.


To start the process, we always begin with a consultation. A face-to-face meeting allows us to get familiar with your site, and make a professional assessment of any possible security risks you may face over the summer season. We also want to know about your experiences – knowing where you have had problems in the past helps us to best create your bespoke security solution.

Following a site visit we check safety with a risk assessment, develop a unique system specification, and provide a final proposal of your site security needs.


Our highly skilled, professional engineers will then fit out your specialist CCTV equipment. We only install CCTV at the forefront of technological innovation and use HD, solar-powered security systems (perfect for isolated locations or as an ecological option in the sun-rich summer season), and advanced battery systems.


Once installed there’s no need for you to keep an eye on the footage – summer is a busy time on site and you shouldn’t have to waste valuable time. At CCTV Monitoring we have an in-house SureView Gold Certified Station, operated by SIA licensed professional monitoring staff, that can monitor your site and react to intruders 24/7. Leaving you free to focus on the job at hand this summer, and every season after.

However, if you want to take a look at your site when you’re going about the day we have a mobile monitoring app that you can use to playback, zoom in on and watch your site from anywhere in the world.


Aftercare forms a staple part of the CCTV Monitoring service, and we’re here to check that your CCTV equipment is working at its best to keep your site safe. We assess, troubleshoot, maintain and reconfigure wherever needed to keep your site security running smoothly over summer.

Don’t leave yourself open to crime during your busiest time; make sure your site is at its most secure by contacting a member of the CCTV Monitoring team today.


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