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It’s no secret that crime and the construction industry often unfortunately, go hand in hand. The nature of the job means staff regularly come and go, locations of projects can be obscure making security difficult and there is a thriving black market for construction equipment. But just how serious is the threat of crime on your site?

According to The Chartered Institute of Building, theft significantly affects the construction industry. A report released on this crime revealed theft affects 92% of companies in the industry. It also reported that 83% of the respondents had experienced theft of building materials and/or tools.

Such high levels of theft can cost a project a lot of money, as replacing tools and materials can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee that they won’t disappear again if professional security measures aren’t been taken.

Vandalism on site is also a major issue in the construction industry. The Chartered Institute of Building found three quarters of those surveyed experiencing graffiti and site damage. Again, it can be extremely costly and hinder the progress of your project.

The combined costs of theft and vandalism in the construction industry are over £400 million a year – and that’s just from reported offences.

If you want to avoid incurring huge costs due to crime on your site, why not consider a third party CCTV monitoring supplier to work with you in installing and monitoring your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can serve as both a deterrent and a method of monitoring your site, helping to catch criminals in the act.

It’s incredibly important to ensure that you have adequate security to keep crime – and costs – to a minimum. At CCTV Monitoring we offer a 4-step process to ensure your construction site is covered; consultation, installation, monitoring and service. Our 24/7 monitoring facility ensures that there are always eyes on your site, meaning we can raise issues rapidly with the authorities.

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