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Halloween is a spooky time of year. The winter months and dark nights might see criminal activity increase significantly. If your commercial property is vacant, you don’t want things to go ‘bump in the night’ you need to ensure it is adequately protected. Below are our terrifying top tips to keep it safe and secure this Winter.


Keeping lights on or even on a timer sends a message to any wicked thieves, that someone may be inside the property. Outdoor lights are also vitally important as in the dark it is harder to distinguish ‘trick or treaters’ from a black cat. Limited lighting will also affect your CCTV as the darkness can cause it to miss the ghostly going on, unless your CCTV is monitored, and detectors are fitted to raise the alarm.

General maintenance

Keeping up the general maintenance of your vacant property over the darker months can also discourage thieves from being mischievous. If the outside of your property looks run-down and not well-maintained, this could indicate the property is vacant. You need to ensure there is no graffiti or overgrown grass otherwise it creates an eerie neck feel around the building. A secure fence will help deter any sinful individuals causing you a pain in the neck and expense of a break-in.

Activity on the property

Any commercial property that is occupied will have regular activity as people will be entering and exiting the building. To reduce the chance of your property looking empty, try to visit it every few weeks if not more over the winter months. This will also help you see what state the property is in and can help with insurance purposes.

Overall, all of the above measures have one thing in common, they give the impression your property is occupied to any unwanted guests this Halloween.

However, even after taking all of these precautions your property can still be at risk. If your vacant commercial property isn’t protected by a sufficient security system, devilish individuals can see it as an easy target. Using a third-party CCTV monitoring supplier is a great way to ensure your property is always secure, as it is constantly monitored for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitored. If there is an unwanted presence, it will be detected and the monitoring team will raise the alarm. Cameras need to be placed in both visible and non-visible areas to ensure you can cover all bases. CCTV Monitoring Ltd will carry out a on site assessment for camera placement and will move the cameras if and when needed.

We want to help you keep your commercial property secure over the darkening winter months and our team are on hand to stop those ghostly events happening.

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