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On site security technology specialists CCTV Monitoring Ltd are the sole security solution provider for one of the UKs largest design and build construction companies, McAleer & Rushe Contracts UK Ltd. They have been working with the construction giant for the past 4 years and have supplied services to over 32 McAleer & Rushe sites.

Bespoke Construction Site Security Solutions

Each construction project has its own requirements from a security point of view, therefore, CCTV Monitoring Ltd needed to assess every site to ensure they could optimise the systems provided.

By completing these onsite assessments and participating in ongoing discussions with McAleer & Rushe, CCTV Monitoring Ltd have ensured each site has a bespoke security solution with some installing multiple systems due to the sheer size of the project.

The security offering includes the installation of both wireless and wired cameras as well as offsite 24/7 monitoring and time-lapse videos.

Working Alongside Wembley Stadium

McAleer & Rushe Contracts UK Ltd are known in the construction industry for their extensive work with Hotel Groups, Student Accommodation, Office Buildings and Residential Schemes. One of their larger projects – a Residential Scheme next to Wembley Stadium – is currently covered by four CCTV Monitoring Ltd systems, all linked wirelessly.

The ongoing 4-year project is continuously developing, therefore, the CCTV security solution provider’s AMS (Advanced Maintenance Service) is constantly assessing onsite equipment to enable reconfiguring of camera locations to ensure the site is always fully secure remotely. Using smart technology like this reduces carbon emissions while proactively keeping the systems up to date and accurate, as change of scenery is detected regularly.

CCTV Monitoring Ltd Meet McAleer & Rushe’s Ongoing Security Needs

Connor Graham, Head of Buying at McAleer & Rushe commented: “CCTV Monitoring Ltd have been looking after our site security requirements for the best part of four years, on dozens of projects covering the length and breadth of the UK.

The service and knowledge they provide is second to none, they take a personal interest in designing the most efficient system for each of our bespoke projects. The CCTV Monitoring team work extremely hard to ensure our sites are secure and in safe hands. As each project evolves, they are in regular contact with the site to ensure the same high level of security is maintained with adaptions made where necessary.”


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