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Why is it important to choose an accredited CCTV security supplier for your construction site?

When it comes to picking a CCTV security supplier for your construction site there are many factors that you have to consider – the cost of the installation, the type of security supplier and the CCTV cameras that you choose to use.

On top of all of these considerations is one that is possibly the most important of them all – should you choose an accredited CCTV security supplier and what accreditations should they hold?

The short answer to this question is yes, you most definitely should choose an accredited CCTV security supplier for your construction site. This is one of the most significant steps you can take to help in safeguarding your construction site against the threats it faces.

Accreditations offer peace of mind

The most obvious reason to choose an accredited CCTV monitoring security supplier is that it offers you as a business owner peace of mind that your site is being correctly protected from any intruders, thieves and vandals.

Not everyone can be truly trusted to install your security system correctly and monitor it to the full requirements that you need. Businesses without accreditations are more likely to be untrained, or not possess the skills that you need to instil confidence in your security system. Do you really feel confident in taking the risk with a security firm that isn’t fully trained and accredited?

Accreditation Takes Work … and Time!

Accreditations are not an easy thing to come by, and it’s not a simple application process either. Many accreditations in the CCTV monitoring industry take work, often hours of dedicated training are required before a business can even be considered for an accreditation.

Businesses who have accreditations can demonstrate that they have dedicated this time to bettering their business and adds more credibility to the service that they are offering to you.

Product and Equipment Guarantees

Given the nature of the technology, CCTV security equipment is constantly evolving and changing. Because of this the requirements that must be met to retain accreditations are constantly changing also.

Once an accreditation has been achieved, it can just as easily be taken away if businesses do not keep up to date with any required changes. This means that CCTV monitoring businesses have to constantly be updating, retraining and relearning how to provide the best service for your business.

It also means that staff are properly vetted and managed, ensuring that installation and operation will continue to be at the highest of standards – after all the best equipment in the world is only going to work if the person operating it knows what they’re doing!

What Accreditations should I be looking out for?

Here at CCTV Monitoring, we hold a number of security accreditations. We also have a number of accreditations in the industries that we specialise in, to ensure that we are always offering you the best and most relevant advice possible.

We are a proud member of the Construction Line accreditation scheme, boasting a Gold Membership and demonstrating our understanding of the industry. Other key construction accreditations held by the team here at CCTV Monitoring include the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, among many more.

It is also important to look out for health and safety accreditations, such as the SafeContractor scheme, to ensure that installation and management both occur in a safe environment. This gives business owners, particularly those in charge of construction sites where health and safety is absolutely crucial, peace of mind that they are doing all they can to demonstrate health and safety compliance to customers, employees and the HSE.


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