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Here at CCTV Monitoring, we have a team of fully qualified, in-house monitoring staff members who are trained to react to incidents that occur on your construction site when an intruder is detected. But what exactly happens when an intruder is detected on your site?

Our team follows a strict 6 step process in identifying, reporting and removing any threats from your site as quickly as possible.

The Intruder Enters Site

During our consultation and installation process, we will have worked with your team to develop a unique security system to provide you with the optimal security across the whole of your construction site. Following this, only the highest-quality CCTV cameras are installed in appropriate positions around your construction site to ensure we have a full view of activity.

Should an intruder enter the site, this suspicious activity will be noted or detected by our infrared detectors.

Alarm is Triggered

Using state-of-the-art video analytics (tailored to uniquely suit your site by our development team) and/or passive infrared detectors placed strategically around the site our team will be notified as soon as an intruder passes by these devices. This triggers an alarm to be sent to the control room with a real time video stream of camera footage of the compromised area.

Using the award-winning Immix video alarm receiving platform, our control room is informed of a threat within moments of it happening.

Our Control Room Analyses the Threat

We operate a 24/7 control room here at CCTV Monitoring so we are able to provide the peace of mind you need that someone is paying attention to your site, 24 hours a day.

This allows our team to analyse the level of the threat straight away, and make a decision on the next course of action. Working on a 24/7 basis means there will always be someone looking after your site whenever you need there to be.

An Audio Warning is Issued

Sometimes, the only action that is required by our team is to deploy an audio warning or alarm system on your site to act as a verbal deterrent for the intruder. This typically scares off any opportunist or amateur intruders who are looking for a quick win.

The Intruder is Tracked on Screen

The Immix video alarm receiving platform allows us to pinpoint the exact location of the intruder. This allows our team to monitor their movements, and make additional deterrents if required to remove them from the construction site should they change their behaviour or movements.

For example, if the intruder is not deterred by the audio warnings issued our team may move towards using alternative deterrents, such as switching on lights or reissuing the warning until the intruder decides to move away from the site.

Should the intruder still remain on site, our team will inform the police or our uniformed partners.

Security Teams Respond to the Threat

If our team have resorted to contacting security forces or the police to remove the intruder, the next part of the process is in their hands. They will detain the intruder, check the site to ensure they were working alone and ensure the site is secured before leaving.

All of the above happens smoothly and without issue, and we will report back to you with any incidents as soon as they have been fully resolved. This allows you to have peace of mind that your construction site is always in capable hands, leaving you to focus on your business and progressing the development.

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