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Winter can be a precarious time as far as construction site security is concerned: criminals are often on the watch for sites that have been left unattended over the holiday period, or even construction sites that are empty because of work that has been delayed by weather – whenever you’re not there, it’s an opportunity for criminals to take advantage. However, there are ways that you can ensure that in your absence your site is secure and your property safe.

Our key ways to improve your security are: have a plan in place in preparation, install the correct tech, ensure that you have eyes on your site 24/7 and service your CCTV throughout the season.

Have a plan in place: it’s key to prepare your winter security before the season hits. Having a strategic plan makes installing security tech such as CCTV cameras and alarms in the correct places on your site far easier, and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re prepared for any eventuality. Our team of expert advisers always conduct an initial consultation involving a site visit, risk assessment, specification and lastly a security proposal, in order to ensure your site has the bespoke security required for your specific needs.

Install the correct tech: security isn’t as simple as just CCTV. The complexities of installing an effective security system are in the placement of cameras and the choice of the correct cameras for your site – be they HD, PTZ dome-lensed or with Solar-Guard technology. Here at CCTV Monitoring we have a team of skilled, professional engineers who have a vast knowledge of all aspects of CCTV system installation and servicing, that will ensure you have the best tech for your site.

Have eyes on your site 24/7: it’s not enough to have cameras rolling constantly without an eagle eye watching out for danger. Playing back CCTV footage hours after a crime has been committed means a delayed response – often when the perpetrator is long gone – which can cost you valuable time, and may mean that you never catch the culprit or recover your losses. Our dedicated control room ensures that your site has a member of our SIA licensed professional monitoring staff watching for incidents throughout the week. This allows an instant reaction to security breaches within moments, not hours. We also have a Mobile App Monitoring offering, meaning you can connect to your site whenever and wherever you are!

Service your CCTV throughout the season: winter can be particularly bad for CCTV equipment maintenance. Around this time of year it can be easy to forget to troubleshoot or check your equipment, and the harsh weather can often cause issues with previously overlooked minor issues with wiring or faulty installation. Because of all of this it can be easy for faults to cause you problems with protecting your site. We know that maintaining the effectiveness of your equipment is vital to the security of your site; to this end we carry out comprehensive assessments regularly and through our aftercare service you can be reassured of a close watch on the effectiveness of your systems.

By following our simple tips you can rest easy and enjoy the festive season knowing that your site security is in capable hands!

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