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CCTV is primarily used as a security system, catching site intruders, reducing theft of costly tools and machines and preventing damage to site, CCTV can also be an efficient construction site management tool.

CCTV is one of the most valuable tools for site management to have at their disposal and here’s how:

Health and Safety is Paramount!

Construction site managers have a legal duty to know who is on site and what work is taking place on that site at all times, more so in the case of an emergency.  Construction sites are hazardous places to be for workers and visitors. Extreme care and thorough RAMS are done to keep accidents on site to a bare minimum, but they still do happen.

A good quality, bespoke CCTV system will provide an effective way of monitoring the entire construction site and it allows site management to monitor activities through recorded data or in real time. 

CCTV footage can be used as evidence around on-site accidents, aggressive behaviour, bullying, dangerous acts, lack of protective equipment being worn, and for theft and vandalism.

Dummy cameras and CCTV signage can be worth considering, but it does not outweigh the benefits of a fully bespoke, strategically placed, operational full site system!


24-hour monitoring is an obvious way to ensure round the clock surveillance on site, but camera placement is always extremely important as well as different types of cameras for specific areas of the site, for example,fixed, movable, wide angle, close-up feature recognition etc.

High-Res CCTV that can provide face recognition footage, which is something to consider, especially if the police require evidence to pursue a criminal offence on site.

Other options are ANPR cameras (automatic number plate recognition). This allows access to the site to be continuously monitored and can significantly reduce on-site crime.

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