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Business Development Vs Sales – The fight is On!

By Guy Statham (


Guy Statham

A friend of mine asked me over the weekend, “What are you doing with yourself now?” Luckily, he meant with work! So, I answered proudly, “I’m Head of Business Development for a monitored CCTV site security company.” He looked a little lost and asked if that was sales, rather than explain that its nothing like sales, I agreed through gritted teeth.

But that conversation got me thinking about what the differences are between the two and ultimately why am I so passionate about it not being sales! The answer I came up with was I follow the SPOC theory (single point of contact) whereby any customer can contact me with any queries regardless… for example, if there is a query regarding a service visit that needs re-arranging, although its not me who would deal with this request I can ensure it is actioned & relayed to my customer.

As a business, CCTV Monitoring have fantastic members of staff that keep their respective departments working efficiently & correctly (despite the pressure the Business Development team sometimes put on them) and each of the departments are more than equipped to handle any enquiry they receive. However how much easier would it be if YOU had one person you could contact in any organisation? Just imagine calling one person at BT who could do it all! Amazing! Well that’s exactly what you get with both me & CCTV Monitoring Ltd. So many times I hear customers saying we were sold this and we have no idea who to speak to or if its even working!

I’ve listed some other differences that I see between Business Development & Sales:

Business Development

  • Developing long lasting relationships that benefit both parties
  • Provide the best possible solution
  • Understand what is required
  • On-going evaluation of performance & quality


  • Get the order & on to the next
  • Sell basic & upsell once the sale is established

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