122 Leadenhall Street – The Leadenhall Building

As one of the most prestigious projects happening in the City of London at this current time we were delighted to be asked to provide our Construction Time Lapse system in order to document the build. The project was projected to last almost two years and presented many challenges in both the recording and the installation.

To ensure the greatest viewing angle was achieved we negotiated that the cameras could be installed from the roof of the Willis Building located opposite. This allowed us to gain the widest field of view in the narrow city streets.

The new tower will feature a tapered glass façade on one side which will reveal the steel bracings, along with a ladder frame that is aimed to emphasize the vertical appearance of the building. It will also appear to anchor the tower to the ground, giving a sense of strength. Unlike other tall buildings, which typically use a concrete core to provide stability, the steel megaframe, designed by Arup, will provide stability to the entire structure and is the world’s tallest of its kind. The base will feature a 30 m high atrium. This will be open to the public and will extend the adjacent plaza. Exterior glass lifts will be used on the building, similar to the neighbouring Lloyd's building designed by the same architect.

The development is expected to cost approximately £286 million.

Below is a video containing a single month of construction progress which has been reduced in quality for online viewing.